Introducing the November edition of Licensing Rush

This November, 500px photographers will once again have the opportunity to win big with their Licensing photos! 500px Licensing Rush is a race to add new and creative content to their commercial Portfolios, as photographers compete to have the most new and accepted Licensing photos.

We’ll be tallying up all photos submitted and accepted to Licensing between November 1-30. The participating photographers with the most new and exclusive photos accepted within the contest period will win one of three cash prizes.

1st Place: $300 US
2nd Place: $150 US
3rd Place: $50 US

Check out our previous Licensing Rush winners from September!

How to enter

To take part in 500px Licensing Rush:

The submission deadline is November 30, 2023, 23:59 ET. Don’t wait to submit your entries—you have a better chance of winning if you start early!

Please Note: We will not consider photos that have been declined or require changes before they can be accepted to Licensing. Be sure you have all the necessary edits, model, and property releases completed before you submit!

Unsure of what to submit?

Stay up to date on popular Licensing trends and receive Licensing Rush submission tips and tricks by:

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