25 Most Beautiful Cities In The World Photographed on 500px

Which cities are the most beautiful cities in the world that get photographed the most? We’ve compiled a list of the top 25 most photographed cities on 500px. Explore more for ideas and inspiration.

GPS data is pretty awesome. We used GPS data to compile this data. You can use it to remember exactly where you captured that great photo a few months ago, or to scout spots with your phone before you lug your big camera gear out there, or to find the best location and framing on 500px from across the world before you ever hop on a plane.

And, in addition to all of these cool perks, there is at least ONE more: fun roundups like this one!

Digging into the GPS info in our database—both manually and automatically entered by our faithful 6+ million users—we’ve compiled a list of the top 25 most beautiful cities in the world on 500px. Digging this out of the back end was harder than you’d think, but the results were well worth it! So let’s start with 25 and work our way down.

25. Florence, Italy

24. Montreal, Canada

23. Barcelona, Spain

22. Taipei, Taiwan

21. Vancouver, Canada

20. Vienna, Austria

19. Lisbon, Portugal

18. Sao Paulo, Brasil

17. Kiev, Ukraine

16. Milan, Italy

15. Seattle, Washington, USA

14. Moscow, Russia

13. Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland

12. Istanbul, Turkey

11. Tokyo, Japan

10. Amsterdam, Netherlands

9. Venice, Italy

8. Chicago, Illinois, USA

7. Rome, Italy/Vatican City

6. San Francisco, California, USA

5. Singapore

4. Toronto, Canada

3. London, UK

2. Paris, France

1. New York City, New York, USA

Do you have a favorite picture from one of these dream destinations? Upload to 500px and drop us a link in the comments! Also, can you guess what city fell at number 26? Leave your answer in the comments and we’ll update this post with the answer tomorrow!

UPDATE: As promised, we’re revealing the number 26 city on the list! So… drum roll please…

Berlin, Germany

Congrats to the people (and there were a few of you!) who guessed right!

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